Automatic Straight Line Cutting Machine (Single Torch)

Code: 4604
Portable Flame Cutting Machine ROK 104 (With Single Torch)
Accessories :2 m. Rail, Circular Cutting Equipment, Spark Light
Accessories :Nozzle Cleaner and 4pcs Wrenches
Voltage :220 V(depends on inquiry110-50-48-42-32-24 V DC)
Motor :24 V DC
Cutting Torch Angle :± 45°
Circular Cutting Sizes :ø100-ø1300 mm
Cutting Speed :75-700 mm/dak
Cutting Thickness :3-150 mm
Using Gas :Acetylene,Propane (LPG),Natural Gas-Oxygen
Width x Length x Height :180 x 380 x 160 mm
Weight :13 Kg

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